Design Team Member Guidelines

Design Team Member Guidelines

Colour Me...! Design Team Duties:

Team #2: July 2014 - December 2014

Blog Maintenance: Tara
Weekly Reminder - Saturday morning 6:00am EST
DT Winners post (for DT to add top picks) - Monday 12:00pm EST
Winners Published - Tuesday morning 9:00am EST
Weekly Challenge Posted - Wednesday 6:00am EST

Facebook Page Schedule: Hayley
Wednesday - am New challenge / pm Claire's card
Thursday - am Hayley's card / pm Joanne's card
Friday - am Julia's card / pm Sherri's card
Saturday - am Reminder (graphic) / pm Guest Designer's card
Sunday - am Tara's card / pm Still time to play
Tuesday - am Winners posted / pm Join us tomorrow...

Design Team Tasks:

Comment Rotation

Column 1 - Claire & Hayley
Column 2 - Joanne & Tara
Column 3 - Julia & Hayley
Column 4 - Sherrie & Tara

Commenting, Choosing Winners and Deadlines:

1. Inlinkz will be made into 4 columns across, the list above labelled "Comment Rotation" refer to the columns.

2. Please comment on the column assigned to you.

3. DT cards are due each Monday and must be uploaded to the private DT blog by 12:00 pm (EST). Have your personal blog post ready to go live on Wednesday by 6:00 am (EST).

4. You must choose one weekly "Colour Connoisseur" and add it to the Inlinkz on the Winner Page, we will explain this to you! The winners that we chose have to follow the rules of our challenge in order to "win" we want to keep it fun and fair for everyone who plays. Players are allowed to enter our challenge with more than one project as long as they create a separate blog post. We must make sure that the same person is not chosen more than once per challenge as a Captivator or Connoisseur.

5. Winners must be chosen and added to the blog via Inlinkz on Monday by 9:00 pm (EST). Please see Winner Page.

6. If it is your choice to choose the winner, then you must use the private DT blog to let everyone know your choice that week by Monday at 4:00 pm (EST). You may simply leave a comment below that week's post where we each upload our design team cards.

7. If for some reason you need to choose early, please let us know via the DT blog. Again you can leave a comment below that week's post where we each upload our design team cards.

8. If it is your turn to choose the winner and you are unable to do so for some reason again let us know through the DT blog by leaving a comment below that week's challenge post and we can sort out a swap with another DT Member.

9. The challenge starts on Wednesday at 6:00 am (EST) and runs until Monday at 12:00 pm (EST). We will announce the winners on Tuesday by 9:00 am (EST).


  1. Hi everyone! Just testing this out....we use the comments to 'talk' to each other? Do these comments come directly to our email or we have to come back and check the DT blog?

  2. Hi Sherrie,
    These comments should come through email - thanks for the reminder! I've set all of you up to receive any comment left on the DT blog. Please confirm if you have received my comment :)

  3. Just checking in----I know we need to have our post ready at 6 am tomorrow, July 2. Correct? Thanks a million! Happy 4th to all of you that celebrate this holiday! XX

  4. That's correct, Claire! :) thanks for checking in.

    We're celebrating Canada Day here today. Happy 4th to you!

  5. Hi. Wondering when you'll be adding the posts for challenges after September. I am more inspired after seeing the photo/color combo graphic and want to get a jump on some cards for when I will be traveling in Oct/Nov. Thanks!

  6. Hi all,

    The colour combos are up now until the end of December. I felt like I should have been adding a lot more than I did (is it already September??).

    Have fun creating! For the 'Creative' October challenge, if anyone needs to switch whose "team" they are on, please let us know and we'll sort it out. As long as we have the same number of projects for both teams, we're happy :)

    Thanks all and happy Friday!

  7. Thanks Tara! I get so inspired when I see the inspiration photo with the colors! I only see until Dec 17th though.....

    1. Hey Sherrie, that's the last challenge of the year, I think and it will stay open for the rest of the year?

    2. Ah are right. Its a 2 week challenge. Got it, thanks.